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Belarus is a beautiful country in the heart of EUROPE , with untouched nature, pristine Landscapes and surviving archaic traditions. The name Belarus means white Russian where white stands for clean, innocent, Fair it is a place where humans are with eternal values. The climate here is moderate continental with mild humid winters & warm summers. Belarus is a unitary, democratic & socially oriented state. The area of Belarus is 207; 595 sq. km. and it is surrounded by Poland, Lithuania, Russia & Ukraine. The Population of Belarus is 10.3 millions where density of population is only 49.3. The average life expectancy is 73.9 years. The people are Christians (75% Orthodox & 25% Catholics) The Capital of Belarus is MINSK. The currency is Belarusian Rouble 1 U.S.$ = approx. 2150 Belarusian Rouble.

Here are the most popular University of Belarus-:
Fee Structure-:
  • Total :US$ 4,800 /-
  • Total :Rs. 2,88,000/-

For many years our organization has been giving the opportunity for the foreign studentsto get higher education in the best Universities of BELARUS. Thanks to our company’s activity and numerous representations all over the world? Every year more than 200 foreign citizens become students of Gomel establishments of higher education.

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