MBBS in Philippines

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Philippines is the 3rd Largest English speaking country in the world. More than 95% of its population speaks English, which is its official language. 20,000+ foreign students to Philippines each year for education in Engineering, Medical, Dental, Nursing, Shipping, etc.Its capital city is Manila; a Mega city with over 20 million population. The dominant religion is Catholic Christianity with over 93% of the population following it. Philippines is also the largest exporter of Nurses and doctors to the United states. It has a very high education standard with more than 5000 indian students studying medicine in the Philippines. The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate similar to India. A Hindu Temple and Gurudwara are located in Manila. Embassy of India is located in Makati, Metro Manila – a distance of 2.4 kms from AMA School of Medicine & more than 5000 Indian students are studying medicine in Philippines.

Here are the most popular Universities of  Philippines..


Fee Structure-:
  • Total BS1+MD1st-3rd:9,50,000 peso 13,30,000=00 Rs.
  • MD 4th Year Intrenship :1,00,000 peso 1,40,000=00 Rs
  • Total:10,50,000 peso 14,70,000=00 Rs.
Fee Structure-:
  • 1st Year Tuition Fee: US$ 10,000/- Rs. 6,50,000/
  • 2nd-5th Per Year: US$ 6,000/-Rs. 3,90,000/-
  • Total: US$ 34,000/- Rs. 3,90,000
Fee Structure-:
  • Total BS1+MD1st-3rd: 11,53,572 peso 16,15,000=00 Rs.
  • MD 4th Year Intrenship: 1,50,000 peso 2,45,000=00 Rs.
  • Total:13,28,000 peso 18,60,000=00 Rs.
Fee Structure-:
  • Total BS1+MD1st-3rd: 10,49,265 peso 14,68,97100 RS
  • MD 4th Year Intrenship: 2,42,775 peso 3,39,88500 Rs.
  • Total:12,92,040 peso 18,08,856=00 Rs.
Fee Structure-:
  • Total without intenship :12000 USD
  • Total without intenship :780000=00 Rs
  • Total with intenship :15000 USD
  • Total with intenship in Rupees:975000=00 Rs
Fee Structure-:
  • Total without intenship :1068372 peso
  • Total without intenship :944720=00 Rs
  • Total with intenship :1296936 peso
  • Total with intenship in Rupees:11,49,834=00 Rs
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